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I have suffered from headaches for many years. They were every day from morning to evening. I have gone to doctors, specialists, have had a series of tests, and ended up taking medication. A friend recommended Brett Cain for acupuncture. My first consultation/visit was May 2006. She explained the entire process, what and where needles would be used. We began acupuncture that day – I obviously had a headache; when the treatment was completed and I left her office, I was headache free. We agreed to a weekly treatment for a period of time, then every 2-3 weeks, then 4-6 weeks. The headaches had stopped completely, and she said it was not necessary to return unless the headaches returned. I felt no pain during any of the treatments. I did return in March 2007 for a “touch-up” and will go back if it is necessary. I consider her my miracle worker and would not hesitate to recommend her as an outstanding, professional and personable acupuncturist.

Joyce R

Maineville, OH

I sought Brett’s help for chronic allergy and sinus problems. These problems had been bothering me for years, and never fully responded to conventional medications and treatment. After a few visits with Ms. Cain, my symptoms were much improved and I felt better overall health and vitality. Ms. Cain’s treatment has made a real difference in my life and well-being. Thank you Brett!

Steve Z.

Alexandria, KY

After a long airline flight, I developed severe pain in my lower back and tailbone region. I underwent a series of acupuncture treatments with Ms. Cain and within a few weeks, was able to resume a pain-free lifestyle. I have not had a recurrence of the pain since having my acupuncture treatments nearly 8 months ago. In addition, my husband and I had dealt with infertility issues for a number of years. We both underwent acupuncture treatments for infertility with Ms. Cain and within 6 months of our treatments, we found ourselves in “the family way.”


Cincinnati, OH

I will never forget the day I met Ms. Cain. Physically, mentally, and emotionally I was at my row’s end. I was uncertain whether acupuncture would work, but I was desperate enough to give it a try. Thank God I tried! God, working through Ms. Cain enabled me to dramatically improve in all the above mentioned areas: physically, mentally and emotionally. The hope and comfort I received from Ms. Cain will never be forgotten. Thank you!

James K.

Florence KY

After a rigorous practice for my intercollegiate equestrian team, I felt I had a shin splint. The pain would not subside, no matter how many Advil I took. I knew I needed something more. That’s when I called Brett. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture, but I was willing to try anything. I saw Brett the next afternoon, and she treated me. The pain didn’t go away immediately, but the next day the pain was gone, and it has been ever since! Thanks Brett!

Audrey H.

Midway, KY

The whole process has been an amazing experience, but one of the things that was most interesting to me was finding out that I had become allergic to my contact lenses. Every time I put them in, my eyes would be come bloodshot, and hurt, so I would have to remove my lenses after thirty minutes. I mentioned it to Brett and she tested me and it showed that I was allergic to the lenses. She cleared the allergy, I waited for twenty four hours, put the lenses in and have had no problems since. I would highly recommend this process and have recommended this to friends to help deal with allergies.

Courtney B.

Edgewood, KY

Brett Cain is a healer. She quickly assessed y symptoms and now I can say yes to things I thought I’d lost forever. Thanks to Brett’s therapy I am rejuvenated.

Jerry R.

Park Hills, KY

I am expressing gratitude for Ms. Cain’s demonstrated expertise in both treating me with acupuncture and helping educate me to value of “alternative” therapies. Acupuncture treatments have been without pain for me. Since the treatment is holistic, I feel that the benefits have been physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual for me. This is a very cost effective approach to help people who are suffering.

Bob G.

Lawrenceburg, IN

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“Brett Cain is a healer. She quickly assessed each of my symptoms and I can now say yes to things I thought I’d lost forever. Thanks to Brett’s therapy I am rejuvenated.”

— Jerry R., Park Hills, KY