Allergy Relief Forms

New Patient Information – Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT):

If you are coming for AcuHealth LLC for relief from allergy symptoms (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics treatment), please print out the following four forms, complete them as appropriate, and bring them to your initial appointment. You should also bring copies of the results of any prior allergy testing that you have had done.

When filling out these forms, please be as specific as possible in regards to what items you suspect may be affecting you. Note particular details such as:

– “Symptoms appear after I eat [type of food]”
– “Symptoms appear when I am exposed to [type of substance]”
– “Symptoms appear when the weather changes”
– “Symptoms appear when I am in [certain place or room in the house]”
– Etc.

All of this information will help to pinpoint your specific issues, and may help to reduce the number of treatments needed to resolve the symptoms that you are experiencing.

We look forward to seeing you!