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Acupuncture Forms

New Patient Information – Acupuncture Clients

Prior to your first acupuncture appointment at AcuHealth LLC, please print out and complete the following two forms and bring them with you at your initial visit:

Treatment Suggestions:

To get the most from an acupuncture treatment, it is suggested that you try and eat lightly and avoid vigorous exercise and stressful situations before and after treatment. Common immediate responses to treatment include feeling relaxed, tired or a bit spacey. These are signs of energy shifting in your body, and it is good to allow it to happen. If possible, wear loose, comfortable clothing, and no scented products to the treatment. For more information, please consult our downloadable Treatment Guide.

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“Brett Cain is a healer. She quickly assessed each of my symptoms and I can now say yes to things I thought I’d lost forever. Thanks to Brett’s therapy I am rejuvenated.”

— Jerry R., Park Hills, KY